Contact Us

If you need to contact us, here are a several ways you can. We have three options for you to contact the customer support of Neverdirt Cleaning Services. You can choose the most comfortable or suitable method for you and get in touch with our competent, friendly and client-oriented co-workers. They will help you out and give you advice and/or information about our current offers.

  • Telephone – The fastest way to contact us is by telephone at 020 8077 5757. Our phone number is and by dialing it you will be connected to one of our professional and polite operators. They will be happy to help you and clarify everything you may be interested in. Do not hesitate to phone us, if there is something more that you would like to know about the cleaning services we offer or to book one.
  • Email – If you are not able to telephone us, you can always send us an email. One of our workers will reach back to you as soon as they can and will give you all the information you have requested, with answers to all your questions. Our Email address is [email protected] and this might take a little more time by telephone, but you will still have your question answered.
  • Contact form – The third and last option of getting in touch with us is our Contact form. It is simplified and easy to use. With it, you can send in all of you questions about our cleaning services or other information, or requests. You need to fill out your name and email address (necessary for our employees to send you an answer back), and the information requested (each field with an asterisk β€œ*” is mandatory), then click the button β€œSEND”. Now you can expect a swift answer from our colleagues.

Whenever you have a question about our cleaning services or want to make a reservation, you can use either method to contact us – we will be delighted to help you.