• Would you be able to remove stains from my carpet?

We will do our best at trying to remove food, drink and other stains off your carpets and rugs, along with dust and invisible bacteria. Our steam machines achieve excellent results but stain removal is not something we can guarantee a 100%.


  • What time can I choose for cleaning my place?

We work on standard business hours – 8.00 am – 6.00 pm. But we can come clean your house at a different time or on the weekends. It’s our priority to cover your preferences.


  • Do I have to be at home while you clean the place?

It’s not necessary at all. We let our clients decide.


  • What is the benefit of end of tenancy over a one-off cleaning?  

End of tenancy means we will deep clean your home no matter how long it takes. We guarantee that you will get your check out report. The one-off cleaning service is hourly based service in which our customers give us a list of things they need done. So our employees come in and clean as much as they can ,based on that list, for the time you have booked us for.


  • How can I pay?

Cash upon completion or bank transfer. For jobs above £300 we require a 50% deposit.


  • What is the best way of contacting you?

The best way of contacting us is usually by phone at 020 8077 5757. As an alternative you can contact us via email or use our chat on the website.


  • Can you clean my office?

Yes, we can. If you are a business owner, then you can use the Commercial or Office cleaning service for keeping your workplace uncluttered and sanitized.


  • Is it possible to not only clean my oven but the microwave as well?

Of course. Our employees are prepared to clean different types of ovens, appliances and surfaces. A standard oven cleaning is included in the end of tenancy service, however a deep microwave cleaning is an additional service which costs £14 and is mostly regarding a really negleted microwaves.


  • Do you do one-off household cleaning?

Of course. Every single of your needs will be satisfied, no matter if you need your floors scrubbed or your dishes washed. When you need help with a one-off cleaning, just call us and we will arrange everything, the prices start from £15/h for a cleaner.


  • What’s the regular cleaning process?

We will send you an employee that will clean your home every week (or every other week). The appointment need to be at the same time every week. The only thing we require from our clients are the cleaning materials and equipment.


  • The difference between a professional oven cleaning and a deep one?

The deep cleaning is designed for ovens that have not been cleaned for a while and have a segnificant amount of dirt on them, they require more time, more chemicals and different techniques in order to achieve the same brand new oven effect.


  • Can you clean my carpets and my curtains?

Yes, we offer separate services for each of the above and more. We can also maintain your mattresses and rugs. We also offer different discounts for combining services, which you can check out here.