Our Services

Neverdirt Cleaning Services is a company that specializes in various projects and works with the best employees and equipment. Our offers are customized to suit everyone’s needs. We work in London and take care of your home or business to achieve the cleanest state possible. Our prices are affordable and competitive, which makes us the ideal choice when you want your home to be cleaned without burdening your wallet. It this section we have listed all of the services we provide our customers with – for more information click on the service name.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

With the help of steam cleaning technologies, we can remove any stains, dust and dirt form your carpet and it will be as colorful and shiny as new. It takes some time for the carpet to dry after the cleaning. The prices start from £26.

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

The equipment that we use works with hot water and sucks all the dirt out from the sofa, the chairs and the armchairs, and each fabric will be treated in a way that doesn’t damage it. We do remove also the allergens and bacteria. The prices start from £5.

Mattress Cleaning

We will treat your mattress in-depth and perfectly, getting rid of all the bacteria, dust and dirt. Please keep in mind that a certain amount of time is needed for the mattress to dry, best if you are able to let the mattress dry out with open windows. The prices start from £22.

Curtain Cleaning

We steam clean your curtains with ProChem or Kercher machines, thus making them clean and bacteria-free. We also remove the dirt that is accumulated into the fabrics. The prices start from £23.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

-When you move out from your house and it has to be in perfect shape for the next tenant, we can come to your aid. We offer a 48 hours guarantee and the prices are fixed according the size of the apartment/house, starting from £99.

After Builders Cleaning

An hourly service at the highest standart, suitable after construction work – be it completing a building, or a renovation. It includes removing the paint residues and waste, and dusting. Your home will be clean again, the mess taken care of, and our prices start from £18/h.

Regular Domestic Cleaning

An hourly service. The same technician comes to your place on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly or even monthly basis and attends all the rooms and/or furniture, according to the priorities you have given. Affordable prices, starting from £11/h.

One-Off Domestic Cleaning

An hourly service that includes one or more technicians, who come to you place for a single visit. As this is a service, normally booked for dirtier and more challenging homes, it also has a higher price of £15/h per cleaner.

Oven Cleaning

With this service, we will put apart the main parts of the oven, then clean them and assemble them back together. It’s for gas, electric and basically all types of ovens, inspection is included before and after the service with prices starting from £49 for a single oven.